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Custom Quilting

We are happy to offer professional quilting services for your hand or machine pieced quilt tops. We understand all the hard work you put into your quilts, and will quilt them with the same loving care you used when you pieced your top.

Four Sisters Quilting offers quilts for men made from camouflage fabric. These quilts are perfect for the husbands, hunters, and military men in your life.

The turnaround time for custom quilting you quilt project is usually a month.


We use only the finest quality materials in our quilting, offering cotton batting and solid or variegated threads. Not sure what materials will work best for your quilt top? Let us advise you. No matter your individual needs, we will work hard to ensure that you are happy with the finished piece.


Choose from our wide variety of quilting patterns, many of which are thematic and will match the style and design of your top. Once you have completed and submitted your order form, we will contact you to discuss the pantograph or pattern to be used in quilting your top.

Gammill® Premier Longarm Quilting Machine

At Four Sisters Quilting, we use the Gammill Premier Longarm Quilting Machine. What does that mean to you? It means that we have a professional grade machine which is versatile and easy to use. It means that we are able to quilt both freehand and using pantographs (patterns), which makes us able to provide you with many more options.

Baby Quilt


We work hard to price our quilts to fit your budget. Here's a look at what you can expect when you order:

Setup Fee
• Regular Quilt: $40.00
• Baby Quilt: $20.00

Batting / Thread
• Cotton Batting (Hobbs 80 Twentieths): $8.00 / Yard
• Solid Thread: $6.00 / Spool
• Variegated Thread: $9.00 / Spool

Other Services
• Hanging Sleeve: $20.00
• Applying Customer Supplied Label: $7.00
• Squaring Back and/or Top: $20.00 Each

• Complex Panto/Custom Quilting - Includes One (One) Border: $0.03/Inch2
• Edge to Edge Pantograph: $0.02/Inch2
• Extra Borders: $20.00 Each

• Straight Binding Creation (Customer Provides Fabric): $20.00
• Bias Binding Creation (Customer Provides Fabric): $35.00
• Binding, Machine Sewn, Unfinished: $0.20 / Inch
• Binding, Machine Sewn, Finished: $0.35 / Inch