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Quilting your Quilt

At Four Sisters Quilting in Austin, Texas, we are ready to quilt your unique quilt top today. Please contact us by phone or email to receive your free quote. Once you have done so you are ready to ship. The deposit required is 50% of the quote given.

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Quilt Preparation

Please follow these instructions to insure that your quilt is ready for quilting:

Quilt Top:

• Trim All Threads
• Secure All Edges and Seams
• Iron Well, Pressing All Seams
• Borders Should Be Flat
• Square the Top
• Identify the Head or Top of the Quilt
• Do Not Pin or Baste the Quilt Layers

Backing Fabric:

Backing should be 6" larger on all sides of the quilt top. This allows for pinning to machine as well as for shrinkage that occurs during quilting. To prepare:

• Cut off Selvages from Backing Fabric and Press the Seams Open
• Identify Seam Direction Desired
• Iron Well
• Square the Backing
• Trim Any Loose Threads

Quilt Size Chart

Use this chart to help determine the finished size of your quilt:

 Bed Mattress Measurements  Standard Quilt Width  Standard Quilt Length 
Crib 28"x 52"  28" - 36" 46" - 52"
Twin 39"x 75"  66" - 68" 86" - 88"
Double/Full 54"x 75"  81" - 84" 86" 88"
Queen 60"x 80" 86" - 88" 96" - 100"
King 76" - 78"x 80" 102" 96" - 100"
California King 72"x 84"  107" - 110" 100" - 104"
Throw --- 40" - 54" 55" - 65"

Mattress Measuring

Please note that mattress depths can vary widely by manufacturer, so please measure your mattress depth. Standard or older mattresses average 9 - 12" and newer pillow-top mattresses are 14 - 16" deep. These deeper mattresses will affect the quilt size, so additional quilt depth will be required to cover the mattress.

Shipping Instructions

To ship, please place quilt top and backing fabric in plastic or a plastic bag for protection. Include order form with your name, address, phone number, email address, and any other instructions along with your deposit check. Place in a medium corrugated box and seal securely. Please note that our cutoff deadline for Christmas quilts is October 1. We suggest that you always insure your quilt. Ship to:

Four Sisters Quilting
7701 Turquoise Trail
Austin, TX 78749

Order Form

To place your order, please print and fill out the following form and include with your quilt when shipping.

Professional Quilting Order Form